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Manage DNS Record - 5 Record Types

DNS Record

DNS Record is a lifestream of a domain. When a user visits a website, the DNS system converts the specific domain name into the Internet Protocol Address and returns the address to the browser. The browser shows the content back to the user by visiting with the IP address. 

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There are 5 principal record types:

  1. A Record (IPV4) and AAAA Record (IPV6)
  2. CNAME for Canonical Addresses
  3. MX Record for Mail Exchange
  4. TXT Record for Website Verification
  5. NS record for Nameserver


A (or) AAAA DNS Record

This type of record is fundamental for pointing your domain name to your server with the naked IP address. Your server will only provide only an IP address for connectivity then you have to translate your domain to that IP address.


CNAME Record

If you have same records like www and @ domain names, you need to add CNAME Record. When the CNAME is updated, both of your records become updated.


MX Record

This type of record used widely for email pointing. You have to setup MX Records for proper email delivery into your inbox. However, it allows only one provider for better mail delivery.


TXT Record

TXT use widely for verification. When a mail went from our servers, the servers must provide authenticity for the mail we sent. These records stored under TXT Records. When a mail passes from our servers, the recipient can validate the proofs of our emails using TXT Records.


NS Record

NS is the strongest record type of the Domain Names. The whole domain can control using NS Record. It can virtually shift from one server to another, one provider to another.


There are many Record types left to state in this article but currently stated domain records will help you to get your website work properly.

The NS Server update will cost you up to 48 hours but some will change As fast as they can.