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Creating blog Post - 5 Lazy man tips

Creating blog post means you are now trying to get more customers or educate your customer with your product. You will write tips and tricks about your service and you will education your customer about that. In our website, we want to educate or give information our customers about our technologies, our tips and tricks and so on. So, before writing any blog post, you have to know about your customers. We are collecting 5 tips and tricks as a lazy man to read to because we become lazier and lazier to read more information.

Creating blog post

Creating blog post seems to be simple but you have to find the following to make sure your visitors loves your website. I'm trying to work around with blog post for multiple years by getting advice from multiple friends. This blog is a result of the change, why? Find out below:

1. We become lazier

Creating blog post - Scrolling daily lifeWe are facing with multiple images per day, even if we like it or not. We are using social network, working with multiple emails and more. We have to find the text to read inside multiple advertising and reading text. By Creating blog post, We have to make sure that the text are which we are eager to read for. In your blog, if your text is very long and swimming around the pool, I guarantee that they will not read your text anymore. Furthermore, they will not come to your blog again.

2. We become less focus

Believe it or not, we are distracted by a lot fo factors today, starting from what to wear, what to eat and even how to sleep. We love ourselves and we have multiple choices per day and day to we are less focus on each item. Otherwise, we have to miss the bus while reading your blog texts, or hit by a bike even worse. So, Write Shot, be precise. It is decribed earlier so the next tip is clean website. You want your website to be profitable, but your website will have multiple ads and they are always asking how to solve this, how to do that and the customer have to click close many times. They will become annoyed.

3. We read more while moving

We read a lot of texts and other social activities when traveling or on the bus. So, when you are travel, you connect to social networks, contacting more customers and so on. We use handheld devices on demand. Please make it big on your screen to make sure your customers can read it out fast. Otherwise.. The same!

4. Make more precise

They visit your website mostly for searching information in which they are a bit confusing or want to know. We have to make more precise description for your visitor. In earlier times, I have some opinion of using both, so my conclusion is based on bias results, which makes my customers to be a big confusion. So, now over we changed to the less bias results and indicate the blog readers better and better information.

5. Use Interactive Videos

If your blog post required more descriptions or interactive content. Try to embed videos. Your videos will make your customers more clearly understanding. Try embed for your contents.


If you have some more addition to our post, please comment below. Thank you for giving your time for reading our text.